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Guard Your Heart

Every night I do a Bible study with my daughter who is 7 years old.  We have started journaling about what we study.  Last night was Proverbs 4:23 “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life”.  Now usually when you read that verse or some kind of study that goes along with that verse there is some kind of link back to romantic relationships and that is how I have always looked at that verse.  Seeing that this is a Bible study for younger girls this study made me think about it in a completely different way.

Your attitude starts in your heart.  If you feel angry or selfish that starts in your heart and determines your attitude and how you go about your day.  “Guarding your heart” has so many more meanings then I have thought in the past.  It is guarding it from being jealous or holding a grudge.  Everything you do or feel starts in your heart and that flows outward into your life.

Guarding your heart can also be guarding it from hurtful relationships or situations.  If you are around someone with a bad attitude or is rude and complaining and you are not guarding your heart, then you will start to act that same way.  The same goes for you if you are in a bad mood or negative about something your attitude will bring other people down. I explained to my daughter that one bad apple in a giant basket of apples can turn the ENTIRE basket into old yucky apples.  So she drew some bad apples for her journal entry.  img_2838-jpg

We aren’t the best drawers, but we try.

So from the Bible study that was meant for 5-9 year old girls I, as a 28 year old, have read a verse I have read hundreds of times and now see it for a completely new meaning.  I am going to start guarding my heart from negativity and trust that what God has in store for me will all work out beautifully in His timing.  I will guard my heart so that I am not a negative influence on my family, my friends, or even strangers that I am waiting behind in line at CVS.  I want to be a healthy crisp apple and have goodness and God’s love to the core.

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