Traveling Haltiwangers

What Are We Doing?

WE ARE GETTING AN RV!!!  Within the next month we will become owners of a Class A RV. We are so excited to get this and to start going all over the place.  What I am wanting to do is write blogs about learning about the RV, our trips, and DIY’s that I end up doing to it.


This is going to be our portable hotel 🙂

I have been on one RV trip in my entire life, and it was awesome.  My parents rented an RV for a weekend in the mountains and my daughter absolutely loved it.  I felt that everyone in the RV park was just so friendly and willing to help.  From the hiking to the roasting marshmallows and being outdoors but still having a bed and heat and a refrigerator the whole thing was perfect.




I am already planning different trips I want to do.  I am wanting to hit every state park in South Carolina and then move on to different states.  I have been reading about different gadgets to get and different tricks to keeping an organized and clean RV so I will definitely make a post about some of them once I try them out.


We are blessed to be able to have the ability to get this amazing investment and take our family all over the state and see so many different things.  And if anyone has any tips or tricks I would love to hear them!

“So be truly glad, there is wonderful joy ahead” 1 Peter 1:6

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