Traveling Haltiwangers

Aiken State Park

Well, we did it.  We went on our first weekend get away in Brenda.  (Brenda is our “new to us” motor home.)


We made our first voyage to Aiken State park

Over all it was a great weekend.  The weather was on the chilly side, it got down below freezing both Friday and Saturday night.  The drive was easy and felt like it took 5 minutes to get there.  That was probably because we were all so excited to get there and set up camp.  Mily relaxed on the couch on the way down.


The State Park was pretty easy to get to and had a few signs leading the way.  Once we were inside the park the campground was another story.  We saw campers on the side but there was no sign into the campground saying entrance or what spots were on that loop.  There was however an exit sign so we ended up having to back up and go into the campground.  Once we got into the campground the sites were labeled very well and we found ours very easily.  Some of the spots were easier to get into then others with the trees and the narrowness of the road.  The campground has 25 spots and all but two were being occupied.  The campground was small which was perfect to watch the kids ride bikes around from our own spot.

The bathhouse was right in the middle of the campground loop, it was a quick walk from any of the campsites.  They were also very clean and you could tell that the shower area had been retiled recently and it looked very nice.  There was always soap and paper towels in the bathroom, which isn’t always the case at some campgrounds.

Each site had a fire pit, picnic table, and a hook for a lantern.  There is also a community area that has horse shoe games, a large fire pit with a grill, and a sandbox.  We all had a few games of horse shoe over the weekend.

The park had a few ponds to fish at as well as a swimming area that was closed.  There is also the ability to rent canoes and go down the river, along with a nice walking trail.

There was also a playground that was a little to far to walk to from the campground.  It was a little disappointing with it only having 2 swings, a slide, and some monkey bars.  It would have been nice to have a playground at the actual campsite.

There was one issue with the dump station and the placement of it on the one way street.  The ability to turn out of the dump station onto the main road was a very sharp left turn with not a whole lot of room for error.  One of the families we went with just ended up driving back through the campground to get onto the road.  Maybe knocking down a few trees and widening the road right there would be a good idea.


Over all it was a great weekend with great friends and we will definitely come back during the warmer months and we will bring bikes.  I would recommend Aiken State Park to anyone that wants a relaxed small campground.  It was a great first trip seeing that it was less then an hour from the house.  It was an awesome kick off for the start of our Ultimate Outsider adventure to hit all the state parks in South Carolina.


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