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Camping and shopping

While we were camping last weekend at Aiken State Park, we came across some things that we saw some other more experienced  campers had that we thought were good ideas.  So we did what normal people do and I pulled up Amazon on my cell phone and browsed till I found exactly what I wanted.  So here is our list of items we ordered …

A larger outdoor rug

Table cloth clamps

Extendable smore’s sticks

Utensil holder

Aluminum Camping Table

Pop up clothes basket

A set of zero-gravity chairs

A cutting board to cover the stove top

I am sure there will be a few more things we will come across that we would like to have, but for now I think we have about everything we need.  Hunter and a friend will be boon-docking for the first time next weekend at a dirt track race for the weekend.  That will be a first so he might think of a few items that we need after that experience.

We have a few more camping trips planned for the spring that we are excited about, but we have our summer vacation planned for James Island County Park!  My parents went there last summer and Mily absolutely loved it, they have a water park , ropes course, playground, and fishing ponds.  They even have a shuttle that will take you to the beach for the day.

We are super stoked to have the ability drive our own hotel room around with us wherever we go.  It already is starting to feel like a second home, we will do a blog later this month about our changes we have made as far as decorating and updates we have done.

You can follow us on Instagram where I post pictures through out the week .  Also you can get the items we have purchased for our RV through Amazon.

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