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Haltiwangers Go Racing

This weekend Hunter and his friend Derek made the trek to Modoc, SC for the Modoc 100.  Derek raced his Monte Carlo in the Stock V8 class.  Derek started in 18th place and finished in 6th, so we were all really proud of him.

You may be wondering what we (The Happy Haltiwangers) have to do with dirt track racing well there is an explanation.  Hunter and Derek have been friends for around 15 years, since about the 8th grade.  Derek is the owner/driver of the race car, and Hunter is the pit crew.  For Hunter’s time and labor helping Derek with the race car Derek gave Happy Haltiwangers a place for us to put a logo on the sides of the race car.



Hunter and Derek pulled the race car behind Brenda all the way to Modoc.  That is about a 46 mile journey with a 30 foot RV and a 20 foot car hauler.  Hunter is quite the driver.  I would have hit every tree and other vehicle all the way to the race if I tried to drive that.


While they were there for the weekend, they were boon-docking the whole time.  With boon-docking you have to prepare a little more ahead of time.  You have to make sure the fresh water tank is full and have plenty of propane.  Hunter said besides running the generator the whole time everything was about the same as having hook-ups once you are there.  Derek was the first adult to sleep on the pull out couch, and apparently it was not the most comfortable thing.  We might have to do some research into our options there.


Over all I think they guys had a great time and enjoyed being able to stay down there for the weekend instead of having to drive back and forth.   Hope all of y’all dirt track race enthusiasts will see number 09 and Happy Haltiwangers at a track near you.

Now we have to get ready for our trip in two weeks to Barnwell State Park.  At the State Park we will have our first go at FULL HOOK UPS!  I am so excited, I have yet to take a shower in the RV so I will definitely be trying that out.

You can follow us on Instagram where I post pictures through out the week .  Also you can get the items we have purchased for our RV through Amazon.

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