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Hamilton Branch State Park

We had a “adults only” camping trip this weekend to Hamilton Branch State Park, in Modoc, South Carolina.  There are over 150 lake front campsites on Lake Thurman.  Lake Thurman is a 70,000 acre lake that is known for its great fishing.  This park was by far the nicest park we have been to since we got our RV.  The roads were all paved nicely, there were clear signs on where to go and the names of the roads.


There were some campsites that were not labeled very well though.  The main issue with the park was the way the campsites were set up.  Some camp sites had the water and electricity on completely opposites sides of the site.  Also if you had one of the sites that shared a entrance, and you were on the left side you had a very difficult time getting your camper/RV backed in.  Thankfully my husband can get any vehicle into any spot.


Once we got past the frustration of maneuvering into the spot we walked down to the lake and it was beautiful.  The path from our spot to the water was freshly raked and it was lined with rocks.  As far as the campsites go they were very spread apart.  The past couple of campgrounds we have been to the campers and RVs have been almost right next to us.  At Hamilton Branch we couldn’t even see the spot to one side of us.  And we are getting faster at getting everything set up and turned on now that we have a few adventures under our belts.


Now the lake was very low, 9 feet approximately.  And that is 9 feet of sea level, not just 9 feet from where the water is on the beach.  Even with the lake being low we got a little fishing in, and there was a bow fishing tournament on the lake the same weekend that we were there.  The water is very clean and clear, much different then the lake from where we live.  We even did a little swimming on Saturday afternoon.


There were multiple bath houses in the park.  We figured by the looks of them that the park was slowly updating them as they got money.  But they were very clean and were stocked with toilet paper.

There was also a playground and a boat ramp that had a waiting and tie up area.  There are two boat ramps in the campground, but because of the low water levels one of them is closed currently.  The playground was a little small and disappointing for the size of the campground.  But if we had the kids there, they would rather be swimming then playing on the playground anyways.

Hunter and I had a great time with our friends, but we all missed our kids and couldn’t stop talking about how we had to bring them back up to the park.  I guess that is part of being a parent.  You want alone adult time but when you get it you miss the mess of out your kid.

We had a great time at the campground.  We ate good, had great weather, and had even better company.  We are so blessed to have friends that as a family you get along with so well.  We will definitely be back with the children several times.  I will be doing another blog soon about all the stuff we bought for the RV and how we like it and if we even think we needed it, so keep an eye out for that!

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