From Garden to Table

So life has been hectic with summer and no school and trying to keep the little one entertained and having fun.   We are going to be going on our big summer vacation in the middle of July.  (Our family is in need of a few days away to relax).  We are VERY excited because it’s been almost a month since we have taken Brenda on a trip.  This trip will be our longest trip in Brenda, we will be gone a Wednesday to Sunday.  

We always have a garden in the backyard behind the pig pen.  We love being able to grow as much produce as we can and love finding different ways to use the vegetables that we grow.  This year we have had an abundance of tomatoes and okra.  So with that I made a goulash for dinner tonight that I thought I would share.  

It is a very simple, quick, hearty meal to make.  We grabbed a couple of tomatoes from the garden and stewed them till we could peel them and easily dice them up.  While the tomatoes were stewing I cut up the okra, and the green pepper from our garden.  

The tomatoes get messy as you cut them but try keep as much of the mess as you can. 


After the tomatoes were done I fried up some smoked sausage that was cut into rounds.  I love when the sausage gets a little to dark and has that good crust around the outside.  

Next you just dump in your tomatoes, okra, peppers, and a can of corn.  (We have difficulty growing corn in our very sandy soil).  And let that simmer for about 30 minutes.  And while that is simmering I put some rice in the rice cooker.  We LOVE our rice cooker, it is easily one of the most used kitchen appliances in our house.  

And there you have it.  The Happy Haltiwanger Garden Goulash.  The meal was approved by the 8 year old so I feel as though that means it is a definite winner.  

As always check us out on Instagram for more pictures throughout the week.  

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