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James Island County Park

It has been a while but, we finally went on our big summer vacation!  We went to James Island County Park.  We went for our longest trip in the RV yet.  We stayed at the campground from Wednesday to Sunday and we were wishing we could have stayed longer.


James Island County Park has 124 spots for primitive and RV camping.  Along with the campsites there are also 10 cabin rentals right on the marsh.  The campsites are fairly level and we stayed at at full hook up which is always nice.  The spots are clearly labeled and we had no issues navigating around the campground or the park itself.

As far the the campground amenities there were clean bathhouses which were in a central location.  Along with the bathhouse there was the ability to do laundry, which we have yet to have seen at a park before.  I feel like this is a place that people would tend to stay for longer visits so I am sure the washing machines and dryers are used a good bit.

Now we can get to the fun stuff … what’s there to do at the James Island County Park?  I can’t even begin to explain how much fun we had just staying in the county park.  There is so much to do within the park that if you didn’t want to leave you defiantly didn’t have to.  We had the privilege of  bringing our golf cart with us which was AMAZING to have.  First off we will start with the fishing dock:


The fishing dock is on one of the tidal creeks.  The tidal creek is saltwater that flows with the tide.  So if the tide is rising the water is flowing inland and if the tide is lowering the tide is flowing to the sea.  With the fishing dock you have the opportunity to do some salt water fishing along with crabbing.  Hunter did crabbing and caught about 8 crabs that we later boiled and got the crab meat from.  **One thing to remember is that you must have a salt water fishing license to fish off of the fishing dock**

Next we will move onto the Spray and Play/Play Yard…

The Spray and Play is a free splash pad located in the county park.  It is open daily depending on the seasons.  The Spray and Play was a good little hike from the campground so thank goodness we had the golf cart.  And I am not going to lie I enjoyed the Spray and Play almost as much as the kids did.  The water was a much needed refresher from the blazing heat that week.  Right next to the Spray and Play was the Play Yard.  The Play Yard had a few different play-sets for different ages.  There was even an “American Ninja Warrior” play-set as Mily called it.  It was conveniently located close enough to the Splash and Play that you could go back and forth and cool off while you were playing on the Play Yard.

And we saved the best for last … The Splash Zone Water Park!

This place was GREAT!  We spent hours and hours just going down water slides and floating the lazy river.  And the best part is that we could walk to the water park from out RV!  The water park has:

  • 200-foot tube slide
  • 200-foot open slide
  • Caribbean play structure with slides, wheels, and sprays
  • 500-foot lazy river with an adventure channel of sprays and waterwall

Now the water park is an additional charge once you are in the county park.  But it is no more then $10.00 per person to get into the water park.  There were plenty of chairs to leave your bags and either lay in the sun or lay out of the sun.  There were even giant umbrellas over parts of the pool where you could be in the water and still be in the shade.

One of the other perks about staying in the county park is that as long as you keep your parking pass on your vehicle you can get into all the Charleston County Parks.  So we made a trip to Folly Beach County Park.  Which was only about 15 minutes from the campground.


We had an absolute blast and we are defiantly going to be back every summer.  I would 100% recommend this park to anyone.  It is a great family atmosphere and has so many different activities going on just inside the park.  Check back over the next few weeks for more blogs about different places we went and other adventures we went on while we were down in the Charleston area.

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