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What do we want?

If you read our last blog, you know that Brenda had a rough hurricane season.  We have been searching and searching all over the World Wide Web for a good deal on a good camper.  And my goodness, there are a lot of campers and RVs for sale.


After having Brenda and seeing other campers and RVs we were able to narrow down what we wanted.  We knew we wanted a bunkhouse because we were going to be traveling with two kids.  Having the bunkbeds would prevent us from having to put together beds every night and then take them down in the morning.

We also knew what size we wanted, because of the ability to pull it with Hunter’s truck.  So 28 foot or less seemed to be the best as far as weight and what we were comfortable with pulling.  Also with the State Parks not all parks have the space for longer campers.  And we did not want the length of our camper to be a factor on if we could go somewhere or not.

Storage was another important thing that we wanted to look for.  With having a baby on the way we know that traveling with him was going to be a whole new experience.  We will need room for a stroller, pack-n-play, high chair, and all the other baby necessities.  So the outside storage needed to be open along with good storage and space in the camper.

A slide out! This was one of the things that I was indifferent about at first.  Until I walked into ones that had a slide and ones that did not.  And what a different that 2 foot makes! It is really amazing how much extra floor space you get.  My theory was always that if we were camping it was to be outside and not inside the camper.  But having the extra space for the kids to play if there is bad weather would be nice.

There was another item that I was indifferent about and that is the bathroom having a tub/shower combo instead of just a shower.  With the kids I was leaning to the tub so they could take baths.  But that wasn’t going to be a deciding factor on if we chose a certain camper or not.

So after deciding on the important things that we wanted we started our search.  We found some really good deals on some nice campers on Facebook and Craigslist.  You always have to keep an eye out for the scammers, if it is too good to be true, it probably is.  We talked to a few people on Facebook and even got to wheel and deal and agree on prices for a few.  But before we would get time off to go get the campers they ended having been sold.

After so many failed attempts we decided to stick to an actual dealership.  And with the dealership you get a warranty and the ability to bring it back and get certain things fixed.  Now you do end up paying more at a dealership.  And don’t let them fool you when it comes to the advertised price, they find ways to tack on more and more money.  But we felt good about knowing what we were getting and the quality of what we were paying for.

We finally decided on one camper that we absolutely fell in love with.  Everything about it was exactly what we wanted and even things we did not know we wanted.  So check back in a few days and find out what we ended up bringing home!

You can follow us on Instagram where I post pictures through out the week .  Also you can get the items we have purchased for our RV through Amazon.

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