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The Maiden Voyage

Long time no talk! Life has been crazy the last 3 months, but the new addition to our family has definitely been worth it. Balancing a baby and work along with another child and husband takes some time adjusting to. With that being said I totally slacked on taking pictures of everything, but hopefully I will do better on our next trip.

But we embarked on our first trip with the new camper, Elliot. We went to Santee State Park for a long Mother’s Day weekend. Not only was this our first time taking Elliot out it was Harvey’s first time camping! And he did AMAZING. I might have over packed his stuff, but better to be prepared then not have something.

This was not our first time staying at Santee State Park, but it was the first time staying in the actual campground. We usually stay in the cabins. The campground we stayed in was the Cypress View area. This campground is the one closest to the boat ramp and fishing dock. There is a bigger campground further away though.

We had wonderful weather and the kids loved being able to ride their bikes around and swim. There is a little sandbar accessible by boat not far from the state park that we took the kids to so they could swim and of course they had a blast.

Harvey even got to go out the second time. We got him an infant life jacket, and he did not like when we put that on him. But once we go going in the boat he went straight to sleep. And we had him a nice little set up on the sandbar.

Coming back from the sandbar we spotted a swimming area at our campground. So we went and checked that out the following day. It was a nice little area with a couple of picnic tables and a little sand area. And being within walking distance of the camper made it very nice.

Overall we had a great time and will be back again and again. The only issues were that most of the camper sites had hardly any shade. And not having shade made it very hard for our AC to stay on top of keeping the camper cool. And the bathhouse was full of bugs. The door could not shut completely so they were just going in there at night by the masses. But being on a lake and river you kind of expect a lot of bugs.

Now that we have had our first voyage we are even more excited about the ones to come. We will be taking another trip Memorial Day weekend and I can’t wait to show how much fun that trip will be. I am going to make sure I take way more pictures and videos.

You can follow us on Instagram where I post pictures through out the week .  Also you can get the items we have purchased for our camper through Amazon.

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