Traveling Haltiwangers

It has been a while …

I would like to say that we have been so busy that I just have not had time to sit down and write anything.  But that is not the case.  Happy Haltiwangers has just been on the back burner, but I am hoping this is a new start.

So to start we have gone on 5 camping trips since I last wrote up a blog in our new camper.  Which we still LOVE our camper.  We have so much more room in it compared to the RV.  With a wild crawling 8 month old and  busy 9 year old, we need all the space we can get.

Harvey enjoys the fireplace in the camper.

We have been to Santee State Park, Hickory Knob State Park, Hamilton Branch State Park, Riversend Campground down in Tybee Island, and I know I am forgetting another one.  The camper is currently down where my husband hunts for a few weeks so we will be making weekend trips down there pretty much every weekend.

Mily fishing down in Tybee.


I have also jumped into the world of Young Living and trying to make healthier decisions for our family.  But I will make another post about that.



You can follow us on Instagram where I post pictures through out the week .  Also you can get the items we have purchased for our RV through Amazon.

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